Mobile Crisis Response

Crisis Response offers 24/7 phone counseling to those experiencing a mental health crisis.

Crisis Response direct line: (844) 274-7472

Crisis Response for Mental Health Help

If you need additional support, trained staff will refer you to our mobile teams or other services available in your area.


Mobile teams complete comprehensive crisis assessments. A crisis assessment is an immediate, face-to-face evaluation by two crisis-trained mental health practitioners consulting with a mental health professional.

The assessment helps do the following:

  • Assess current risks and life events
  • Assess the protective factors that the caller has available in the crisis
  • Assess mental health symptoms
  • Risky behaviors
  • Cultural considerations
  • Support network
  • Level of functioning

Provide immediate intervention to aid the caller in relieving current symptoms of the mental health crisis. The teams may provide the following services as deemed therapeutically appropriate.

  • Coping skills
  • Situational de-escalation
  • Safety Planning
  • Means removal
  • Education
  • Referral to crisis residential services (if available)
  • Referral to Emergency Departments
  • Coordination with other local providers