Residential Programs for Therapy & Counseling MN
Residential Programs for Therapy & Counseling MN

Residential Treatment Programs

Safe Harbour is a 12-bed Intensive Residential Treatment (IRT) program for adults in need of behavioral health and support services. The focus of this program is to help people with a mental or chemical illness avoid hospitalizations or promote continued stabilization following a hospitalization.

Staff utilizes evidence-based practices — illness management and recovery, integrated dual disorder treatment, therapy, psychiatry, counseling, etc. — to help residents create their treatment plan and chart a path for recovery.

The residential program provides a variety of classes to assist residents in their recovery efforts, including:

  • Family psychoeducation skills
  • Coping skills
  • Problem solving
  • Daily living skills
  • Healthy choices for managing life stresses

South Central Human Relations Center views residential treatment programs as part of a continuum of care, with the goal to return participants to their family and community. The Safe Harbour staff strives to provide a highly structured, well-supervised, nurturing and consistent treatment environment that meets the needs of each participant while respecting each individual’s strengths, preferences and rights.

Residents may receive treatment in a residential program for up to 90 days, though the average stay is about 45 days.

Contact Safe Harbour at 507-455-8100, or 800-722-0590 (toll free) to register.

Additional information can be found by downloading the Safe Harbour brochure.

Residential Treatment Licensing and Regulation

  • Minnesota Department of Human Services — Rule 36, Category 1 Residential Facility
  • Minnesota Department of Health — Licensed Board and Lodging